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Table of contents

1. Race screen

2. Start race

3. Manage arrivals

4. Stop race

The screenshots are from iPad. The look and feel is quite similar on iPhone with less data available and no filter for large fleets.

1. Race screen



2. Start Race


3. Manage arrivals

3.1 Selecting approaching boats

When a cluster of boats is approching it is useful to find and select them in advance to be able to fastly cross them when needed.

Up to 3 approaching boats in landscape view:

Up to 4 approaching boats in portrait view:


The unregistered competitors (ie. pre-registered but not paid) are also visibles in the bottom of the screen:

3.2 Crossing boats

Portrait view with one competitor crossed the finish line:

Landscape view with two competitors crossed the finish line and filtering on purple spinnaker for an approaching boat:

Adding a filter cell when a boat is approaching:


3.3 Managing an undefined boat

Scenario example: an RS800 dinghy with a blue spinnaker and a BEL 666 sail with a “Redbull” garnish is approaching but the filter doesn’t show the related boat. We create an undefined boat by selecting the "I can't find it!" button.


We add all visible informations to help associating the correct boat when the race is finished (or when we have more time or information):


We select the undefined boat:

We cross the undefined boat in the app when it cross the finish line:

We realize for example the guy in the dinghy was Jorick Van Veen (sailing with friend sails) so we will find the related competitor in the app:




4. Stop race

Setting all remaining boats DNF: