1. Regatta creation
The organiser creates the regatta on the web calendar (which can be embedded on the club website).

2. Competitor subscription
The competitors subscribe to the regatta using a computer, a tablet or a cell phone. The boats are identified by their class, nationality, number displayed on the sail... The staff can easily follow the subscriptions growing on the website.

3. Onboard race management
When the race officer staff logs into the tablet, the app automatically download the competitors. Onboard the staff starts the races and uses the app to manage the competitors arrival. The staff can “cross" a competitor, undo, modify a cross time, set an individual recall, a DNS, a DSQ, a DNF...
Still onboard the staff can check the results in corrected time of each race individually.

4. Results publication
Using the tablet the race officer staff shares with the club the results of the day. The club publishes and prints the pdf with the results, automatically available in the solution.